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►With over 25 years experience, Eurogentec (part of Kaneka Corporation) is a leading supplier of high-quality reagents for the Life Science Community, Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • The GMP BioManufacturing Unit is a full-service Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) and offers Manufacturing of GMP bio-materials for pre-clinical, clinical and commercial uses, all according to FDA and EMA requirements.
  • The Diagnostic Services unit manufactures GMP components and proposes final solutions dedicated to molecular diagnostic kits, clinical labs and laboratory service tests.
  • Eurogentec's Life Science Research business unit provides Genomic and Proteomic trusted solutions and expertise in Custom Oligonucleotide synthesis, high performance PCR/qPCR Kits & Reagents and Custom/Catalogue peptides & antibodies.

Eurogentec, as manufacturer of Real-Time PCR reagents, oligonucleotides and probes offers you complete optimization-free solutions for any Real-Time thermocycler. The Takyon™ qPCR MasterMixes for Double-Dye Probes or SYBR® green assays ensure sensitivity and fast delivery of accurate and reproducible results especially when combined with the Eurogentec Primers and Probes. With over 25 years experience in Oligonucleotide manufacturing, Eurogentec provides you with a wide range of Real-Time qPCR probes with an extensive list of licensed fluorophores and quenchers to fit every channel of your Real-Time thermocycler.
Eurogentec qPCR handbook
The qPCR Guide

RT qPCR and qPCR Core kits and MasterMix for probes and SYBR green I for any Real-Time thermocycler

Takyon™ qPCR Kits for Probe Assay - NEW
Takyon™ qPCR Kits for SYBR® Assay - NEW

Primer / Probes
Primer / Probes

Double-Dye oligonucleotides
LNA Double-Dye oligonucleotides
Molecular Beacons
2’ O-Methyl RNA Molecular Beacons
2’ LC hybridization probes

qPCR miscellaneous

qPCR miscellaneous

qPCR Control kits
Carry-over prevention
Universal RT kit for qPCR


96-well plates for qPCR
384-well plates for qPCR
Optical Seals

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