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Gene Quantification Newsletter
March 2014
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Streamlined and automated NGS workflow

  Dear researcher,
dear Gene Quantification page reader,

Our newsletter informs about the latest news in quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR and RT-qPCR), which are compiled and summarised on the Gene Quantification domain. The focus of this newsletter issue is:



PCR data analysis software

GenEx 6 available - The most powerful tool for complex qPCR data analysis
GenEx is a popular software for qPCR data processing and analysis. 
Built in a modular fashion GenEx provides a multitude of functionalities for the qPCR community, ranging from basic data editing and management to advanced cutting-edge data analysis. Download then GenEx User Guide => GenEx User Guide

View our webpage and download a FREE GenEx 6 trial version => GenEx.Gene-Quantification.info

Press release -- March 2014
TATAA and MultiD launch GenEx 6 - the software compliant with guidelines for the analysis of real-time PCR data

TATAA Biocenter, Europe´s leading provider of genomic services using quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR), and MultiD Analyses, Europe’s prime software developer for the analysis of multivariate data, release GenEx version 6 for accurate analysis of qPCR data compliant with current Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) guidelines.

The new analyses in GenEx 6 include: Estimating PCR efficiency, testing for outliers, testing linear model, estimating dynamic range, estimating random error, estimating limit of detection, estimating limit of quantification, estimating concentrations of unknowns, evaluation of precision, and verification of precision. For all estimates confidence intervals are calculated.

Additional new features include: transcript distribution for single cell analysis, Survival Analysis, Receiver Operator Characteristics (ROC), Wizard for ProSeek protein analysis, and reader for 3DGene microRNA analysis.

“I have been using GenEx for all my qPCR analyses for the past 5 years. With GenEx I can be sure that my data normalization and analyses will be MIQE compliant. Whether I’m analyzing qPCR arrays, data with a standard curve or determining a relative difference, it takes little time to import the files I need and obtain my final data set” says Greg Shipley, President of Shipley Consulting, LLC.

“We have been using GenEx for many years at Technical University of Munich. With every new released version we are impressed by the many clever functionalities introduced for RT-qPCR analysis, especially the data normalisation and visualisation tools like PCA or HCA”, says Michael W. Pfaffl. “The new CLSI compliant analyses are most interesting to us and a natural extension of the MIQE guidelines”.

GenEx 6 - press release


GenEx 6
Release notes
What is new!

GenEx 6 -- Release notes -- What is new!

The first release of GenEx 6 includes not only bug fixes but also completely new analyses and new features.
We are proud to release GenEx 6, which is the most power qPCR analysis software so far!

Among the new features you find comprehensive CLSI compliant analysis, which satisfies the requirements of regulatory bodies, including:

  • Estimating PCR efficiency from standard curve, including confidence interval
  • Testing for outliers in a qPCR standard curve
  • Testing for linear model in a qPCR standard curve
  • Testing for dynamic range in a qPCR standard curve
  • Estimating random error of a qPCR standard curve
  • Estimating limit of detection including confidence interval of a qPCR assay/test
  • Estimating limit of quantification of a qPCR assay/test
  • Estimating concentrations including confidence intervals of unknowns based on qPCR standard curve
  • Evaluation of Precision of a qPCR assay/test
  • Verification of precision of a qPCR assay/test

Other New Analysis Features include:

  • Histogram plot for single cell analysis
  • Repeated Measures ANOVA
  • Survival Analysis
  • Receiver Operator Characteristics (ROC)
  • Wizard for ProSeek protein analysis by means of PEA (Olink)

New licensing options:

  • Site licenses available!
  • Attractive short term licenses

More info on our webpage - download a FREE GenEx 6 trial version => GenEx.Gene-Quantification.info

  Join qPCR data analysis talks by Prof. Mikael Kubista held at recent qPCR & NGS Events:

The French National Research Institute is happy to invite you to the International Symposium on Microgenomics 2014
"Molecular analysis at the tissue-speficic and single-cell level"
which will be held in Paris, France, May 15-16 2014.

The provisionnal programme is now available: http://www6.inra.fr/microgenomics-2014/

The aim of the symposium is to bring together internationally renowned experts in the field and offer an overview of current knowledge on the obtention of high quality molecules and future developments in "omics" tools (DNA, RNA and protein) to genome analysis and its expression at the cell level.

Four sessions will be held on:

    * Sampling methods (flow cytometry, laser capture microdissection, DEP array)
    * Microgrenomics and DNA
    * Microgenomics and RNA and small RNA
    * Microgrenomics and Proteins

The latest technological advances in the field will be introduced:  flow cytometry, laser-capture microdissection, DEP array, NGS, digital PCR, WGA, LC-MS/MS, RPMA, etc.

You will have a chance to listen to international experts in the field:

    * Mikael Kubista, TATAA Biocenter, Institute of Biotechnology AS CR in Prague, Czech Republic
    * Marc Dalod, CNRS-Centre d'immunologie de Marseilles-Luminy France
    * Christoph Klein, Universität Regensburg, Germany
    * Lance Liotta, George Mason University, USA
    * Birgit Liss, Ulm University, Germany
    * Ken Livak, Fellow Fluidigm Corporation South San Francisco, USA
    * Michael W. Pfaffl, Technical University of Munich, Germany
    * Daniel W. Rosenberg, University of Connecticut Health Center USA
    * Rahul Satija, Broad Institute of MIT, Massachusetts, USA
    * Anders Stahlberg, Center Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg Medicinaregatan, Sweden


EMBO Workshop - Unravelling Biological Secrets by Single-Cell Expression Profiling

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
Thursday 25 September - Friday 26 September 2014
Registration deadline: Thursday 14 August 2014
Abstract deadline: Thursday 3 July 2014



Recent studies have demonstrated that the top-down approach of studying a group of cells of the same type in order to infer what is happening in an individual cell is wrong. The differences among cells of the same population are often dramatic and so can be the consequences arising from it. Recently, new technological advances make it possible to have high resolution genomic and transcriptomic investigations at the single-cell level. This has led to the implementation of single-cell methods across a plethora of research fields.

This workshop aims at presenting these breakthrough advances to scientists from different fields and creating a focused platform where they can listen, present and discuss relevant biological findings that have been made or can be achieved through these approaches.

The workshop will be mainly divided in two sessions:
   1. Novel technologies
   2. Unravelling biological questions

Due to the duration of the meeting the organisers decided to not include more than 2 sessions in order to leave enough time for informal discussions and networking opportunities. The organisers, who have attended conferences in this field, want to specifically promote a smaller, interactive meeting mainly dedicated to promote networking and collaboration opportunities for early stage researchers.


Join our new eConferences streaming webportal
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Free access to all talk streams and poster PDFs !

This portal is dedicated to scientists from the community of qPCR, digital-PCR, NGS and Molecular Diagnostics. You’ll find here all the records from around 200 presentations held at qPCR & NGS Events in the past years – qPCR 2010 in Vienna, qPCR 2011 and qPCR & NGS 2013 in Freising-Weihenstephan.
We provide the presentations via movie streaming technology in high quality - high resolution and perfect sound quality in high speed - on any internet browser or mobile device, including Android or iOS.

Specialized media channel topics:   MIQE guidelines  qPCR data analysis  and  digital PCR

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Michael W. Pfaffl
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