qPCR Solutions by Analytik Jena

Analytik Jena is dedicated to empower Life Science scientists around the world to achieve their goals more easily. The company provides lab solutions for the whole workflow. From Kits to highly sophisticated instruments and data handling software, all parts work in concert with each other. Our goal: Best results and simplicity for lab scientists. Analytik Jena’s qPCR solutions follow these principles as well. High sensitivity kits coupled with leading qPCR thermal cyclers, intelligent lab automation devices and software propel your lab to the next level. Find out how you can simplify your qPCR workflow.

qTOWER3 Thermal Cyclers – Your Way of qPCR

With the qTOWER3 family, Analytik Jena introduces the next step in qPCR technology. Our qPCR thermal cyclers are designed to give you maximum flexibility for nearly all qPCR applications.
-    Highest reproducibility of results on the qPCR market
-    Easily adjustable for new applications due to flexible filter configuration
-    Simplicity in control and handling
-    Intuitive data handling

qTOWER3 Technology – Where Simplicity Meets Industry Leading Innovations

qTOWER3 systems offer a variety of industry leading innovations:
-    Optimal excitation and detection thanks to patented fiber optic shuttle system
-    Outstanding temperature homogeneity of ± 0,15°C
-    Fast scan times of 6 sec per sample
-    Heating rates of 8 °C/sec and cooling rates of 6 °C/sec
-    Freely configurable filters, depending on application: intercalating dyes and hydrolysis and hybridization (FRET) probes as well as protein-binding dyes
-    Easily adjustable for new applications
-    Innovative controls and intelligent software tools to accelerate and simplify your results

qTOWER3 Family – The Right System for You

Analytik Jena offers different versions of the qTOWER3 system depending on your requirements.

 The leading qPCR thermal cycler
qTOWER3 84
The 384-well qPCR thermal cycler for high-throughput of samples

qTOWER3 touch
Use the qTOWER3 without PC with this convenient touch display

Kits – High Sensitivity for Your Workflow

Discover our comprehensive range of kits for nucleic acid isolation as well as other consumables for qPCR.

Kits for Nucleic Acid Isolation
•    Isolation of genomic DNA
•    Isolation of microbial DNA
•    Isolation of plasmid DNA
•    Clean-up products
•    Isolation of total RNA
•    Isolation of microbial RNA
•    SmartExtraction
Real-Time PCR: Master Mixes
•    innuMIX qPCR MasterMix Probe
•    innuDRY qPCR MasterMix Probe (lyophilized)
•    innuMIX qPCR SyGreen Sensitive
•    innuMIX qPCR DSGreen Standard

Liquid Handling & Automation – Automate Your qPCR Workflow

Analytik Jena offers a variety of liquid handling solutions for qPCR and other applications. These easy to handle and affordable benchtop automation systems are perfect for all pipetting routines. These systems are designed with a small footprint and can be used in every lab.

•    GeneTheatre
•    CyBio® SELMA
•    CyBio® FeliX
•    CyBio® Well Family

Ask Our qPCR Experts – Individual Solutions & Expert Advice For Your Application

Ask Our qPCR Experts