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With over 50 years of dedication to quality and customer service, Bio-Rad Laboratories has a solution for all your amplification needs. From amplification reagents to real-time PCR and digital PCR instruments, optical-quality PCR plates and reaction vessels, Bio-Rad has the products and experience to ensure success.

Droplet Digital PCR Systems

Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital PCR Systems provide ultrasensitive and absolute nucleic acid quantification.

Droplet Digital PCR Systems

QX ONE Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) System

A high-throughput, multiplexed, and integrated
Droplet Digital PCR system

QX200 AutoDG Droplet Digital PCR System

For high-throughput analysis

QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System

For analyzing up to 96 samples

Benefits of Droplet Digital PCR Technology

A Versatile and Scalable Workflow

  • 1Prepare ddPCR reaction mix

    • Combine DNA sample, primers, and/or probes with one of Bio-Rad’s ddPCR supermixes
    • Fully validated PrimePCR ddPCR assays can be used
  • 2Generate droplets

    • Load the ddPCR reaction mix into the wells of a droplet generator cartridge
    • 8 x 20,000 droplets are generated from each run in the QX200 droplet generator
    • Target DNA ( ) and background DNA ( ) are randomly distributed in droplets
  • 3Perform PCR with EvaGreen or hydrolysis probes

    • Transfer the droplets to a 96-well PCR plate and seal the plate
    • Run the PCR protocol
  • 4Read and analyze results

    • After PCR, load the 96-well PCR plate into the QX200 droplet reader
    • Positive and negative droplets in each sample are read
    • Analyze concentrations with QuantaSoft™ software

Applications of Droplet Digital PCR Technology

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Digital PCR Supermixes

Digital PCR

Ready-to-use 2X supermixes that are suitable for use in ddPCR assays. Tested for reliable amplification over a wide dynamic range of template input and template type (genomic DNA, cDNA, and plasmid DNA).

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Digital PCR Assays and Kits

Bio-Rad offers a comprehensive portfolio of Digital PCR Assays and Kits for numerous applications:

Digital PCR
          Assays and Kits

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PCR & Real-Time PCR Instruments

Traditional PCR Systems

PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler

Thermal cyclers are essential laboratory equipment for researchers who run polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for sequencing, cloning, genotyping, mutagenesis, and many other applications. Common features of Bio-Rad's thermal cyclers include Peltier effect technology for precise temperature control, and thermal gradient to easily optimize PCR assays in a single run.

Instruments include the PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler, the next generation of conventional PCR thermal cyclers from Bio-Rad. Engineered to maintain thermal performance that delivers accurate results, the PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler offers the flexibility to scale with your laboratory. The new design features a refreshed, intuitive user interface and flexible connectivity options for streamlining protocol management. A motorized lid enables automation, taking your PCR to the next level with modern instrument control. 

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qPCR Systems

Bio-Rad’s real-time PCR amplification systems combine thermal cyclers with optical reaction modules for singleplex and multiplex detection of fluorophores. Bio-Rad’s real-time PCR detection systems range from economical two-target detection to sophisticated five-target detection systems. All Bio-Rad real-time detection platforms offer reliable gradient-enabled thermal cyclers for rapid assay optimization.

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CFX Opus 96 Real-Time PCR Instrument
CFX Opus 96
Real-Time PCR System
CFX Opus 384 Real-Time PCR Instrument Touch
                    Real-Time PCR Detection System
CFX Opus 384
Real-Time PCR System
                    Duet Real-Time PCR Detection System
CFX Duet
Real-Time PCR System
CFX Opus Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection
CFX Opus Deepwell
Real-Time PCR System
Powerful 5-channel multiplexing with our best thermal uniformity and modernized data management options.
Our high-throughput system with 4-channel multiplexing, automation capabilities, and more.
Accessible qPCR for essential molecular testing.
Industry-leading technology for large-volume reactions in real-time PCR applications.
Wells 96 384 96 96
Multiplex channels 5 plus FRET 4 plus FRET plus FRET 5 plus FRET
Touch screen Color Color Computer-controlled
operation only
Reaction volume 1–50 µl 1–30 µl 1–50 µl 10–125 µl

Amplification Software

CFX Maestro Software

        Maestro Software

CFX Maestro Software is designed to streamline data collection, visualization, and analysis. Precision Melt Analysis software enables high resolution melt for SNP Genotyping and detection of small indels.

CFX Maestro Software streamlines and supports the entire process of real-time PCR experiments, including reference gene selection, complex experiment setup, statistical analysis, and publication-quality data graphing.

Available Editions: PC Edition | Mac Edition | Chinese Edition | Russian Edition | Security Edition (see below)

CFX Maestro Software, Security Edition

        Maestro Software, Security Edition

CFX Maestro Software Security Edition adds a set of data security tools to support compliance with U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, working with the security features of Windows operating systems, and requires a key that must be attached to a USB port to function.

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Precision Melt Analysis Software

Precision Melt Supermix

Precision Melt Analysis Software imports and analyzes data files generated from all CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems to genotype samples based on the thermal denaturation properties of double-stranded DNA.

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PCR & qPCR Reagents, Assays, and Oligos

Assays and Panels for Real-Time PCR

PCR Reagents
        and Oligos

PrimePCR real-time PCR assays were designed in collaboration with leading experts in real-time PCR research at Biogazellle. Every PCR primer pair has been experimentally validated to ensure optimal assay performance. We offer:

All real-time PCR assays and panels can be used with CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems and CFX Maestro Data Analysis Software, streamlining PCR data collection and analysis.

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Real-Time PCR Supermixes and Kits

Bio-Rad's PCR reagents and kits feature advanced enzyme technology and buffer formulations for reliable amplifcation, robust reverse transcription, and high-quality real-time PCR data.

PCR qPCR Reagents Selector

Use our interactive selection tool to find the right products for your needs. Filter by application, technique, detection chemistry, or product-specific features to easily compare reagents.

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SsoAdvanced Universal SYBR® Green Supermix

SsoAdvanced Universal SYBR Green Supermix

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SsoAdvanced Universal Probes Supermix

SsoAdvanced Universal Probes Supermix

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SsoFast EvaGreen Supermix

        EvaGreen Supermix

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iTaq Universal SYBR® Green Supermix

        Universal SYBR Green Supermix

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iTaq Universal Probes Supermix

        Universal Probes Supermix

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iQ Multiplex Powermix

iQ Multiplex

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Thermostable and High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases

iProof High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase

iProof High-Fidelity DNA

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iTaq DNA Polymerase

iTaq DNA

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Other PCR Reagents

Precision Melt Supermix

Precision Melt Supermix More Information

dNTP Mix

dNTP Mix More Information

Reverse Transcription Reagents for RT-PCR

iScript reverse transcription products are formulated for efficient and sensitive reverse transcription over a wide linear dynamic range of input RNA for real-time qPCR.

Reverse Transcription (for 2-step RT-qPCR)

iScript Advanced cDNA Synthesis Kit for RT-qPCR

        Advanced cDNA Synthesis Kit for RT-qPCR

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iScript Reverse Transcription Supermix for RT-qPCR

iScript Reverse
        Transcription Supermixfor RT-qPCR

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iScript cDNA Synthesis Kit

iScript cDNA Synthesis

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iScript Select cDNA Synthesis Kit

iScript Select cDNA
        Synthesis Kit

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One-Step RT-PCR Kits

iTaq Universal SYBR® Green One-Step Kit

iTaq Universal SYBR Green One-Step Kit

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iTaq Universal Probes One-Step Kit

iTaq Universal Probes One-Step Kit

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RT-PCR Directly from Cells

SingleShot Cell Lysis RT-qPCR Kits

        Cell Lysis RT-PCR Kit

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PCR Plastic Consumables

Our plastic consumables are precisely manufactured for optimal fit and cycling performance and are certified to be free of DNase, RNase, and human genomic DNA. Using high-quality PCR plastics from Bio-Rad helps provide confidence in your PCR, qPCR and next generation sequencing research.

        Plastics Selector

Use the interactive PCR Plastics Selector to find the best plates, tubes, seals, and accessories for your
PCR and qPCR experiments and determine which plates have the best compatibility with your instrument.

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PCR Plates and Seals

Hard-Shell PCR Plates

Hard-Shell PCR

Hard-Shell PCR Plates are engineered to withstand the stresses of heat sealing, thermal cycling, and robotic handling, featuring a patented two-component design for superior stability and flatness.

Hard-Shell 96-Well PCR Plates

Hard-Shell 384-Well PCR Plates

Custom PCR Plates

Custom Hard-Shell PCR

Hard-Shell PCR plates customized to your specifications. We provide a well-defined and straightforward process to address your PCR plastic needs, with customization options inlcuding:

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MicroSeal PCR Plate Seals

MicroSeal PCR
        Plate Seals

Choose from a wide range of pressure, adhesive, and heat-sealing films and foils for PCR plates and other microplates including:

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PCR Tubes, Caps, and Accessories

PCR Tubes, Caps, and Strips

PCR Tubes

Individual 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml PCR tubes, 0.2 ml tube strips, and cap strips with domed or optical flat tops

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PCR Plastics Accessories

Bio-Rad PCR Plastics

A selection of handy tools, racks, and other accessories for PCR plate and tube sealing, handling, and storage

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Sample Purification

Bio-Rad offers a complete line of kits and reagents for fast and effective extraction and purification of RNA, DNA, and PCR products.

RNA Isolation

Aurum Total RNA Mini Kit

        Total RNA Mini Kit

Aurum Total RNA Kits are a family of isolation kits that provide a high yield of intact RNA from a wide range of starting materials, including cultured cells, bacteria, and yeast, as well as plant and animal tissues.

        Total RNA Fatty and Fibrous Tissue Kit

Aurum Total RNA Isolation Kit variations:

PureZOL RNA Isolation Reagent

        Isolation Reagent

The ready-to-use PureZOL RNA isolation reagent is a versatile and efficient means of isolating high yields of RNA from a variety of sources, including cultured cell, animal and plant tissue, yeast, virus, and bacteria samples.

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iScript RT-qPCR Sample Preparation Reagent

iScript RT-qPCR Sample
        Preparation Reagent

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DNA Isolation

InstaGene Matrix

Instagene Matrix

InstaGene matrix, made with a specially formulated 6% w/v Chelex resin, makes DNA sample preparation fast, easy, and cost-effective, providing PCR-quality template DNA in less than an hour.

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Quantum Prep Plasmid Kits

        Prep Plasmid Kits

The consistently high yields achieved with Quantum Prep plasmid kits are due to the high-affinity binding of DNA to the unique Quantum Prep DNA binding matrix.

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DNA Cleanup

Freeze N’ Squeeze DNA Gel
        Extraction Spin Columns

Freeze ’N Squeeze DNA Gel Extraction Spin Columns

Freeze ’N Squeeze DNA gel extraction spin columns provide a quick and effective means to purify double-stranded DNA fragments from TAE- or TBE-buffered agarose gels.

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