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Mic is a small 48-well qPCR instrument that uses magnetic induction technology for rapid real time cycling. Available with either 2 or 4 channels, the advantages of the Mic include:

•    Speed – complete high quality qPCR runs in less than 25 min.
•    Accuracy – excellent repeatability and reproducibility with a temperature uniformity of ±0.05°C.
•    Size – At 2 kg the Mic takes up less space on a bench than a lab book.
•    Connectivity – Bluetooth® option allows up to 10 instruments to run from one PC.
•    Plug and play with no calibration required – ever!

Mic’s user friendly software is packed full of intelligent analysis features including:

•    Cycling analysis - with LinRegPCR option (Ruijter et al. 2009)
•    Melt analysis - including genotyping with dual hybridisation probes
•    Absolute Quantification - including Standard Curve
•    Relative Quantification - incorporating the REST algorithm (Pfaffl et al. 2002)
•    Allelic Discrimination
•    High Resolution Melting

With an intuitive software layout, run setup and analysis become simple and there are many quality control features to provide confidence in the final result. The software has been designed to meet the MIQE guidelines.

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