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aspects involved in quantitative gene expression analysis using real-time qPCR & dPCR.  It presents a lot of new and innovative qPCR & dPCR applications, chemistries, methods, algorithms, MIQE and QC strategies, cyclers, kits, dyes, analysis methods, events, and services involved.  Browse our page directory  Commercial and academic institutions can present their real-time PCR tools right here on our qPCR platform.
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EV & Exosomes & EV RNA / Liquid Biopsy / Biomarker Discovery Transcriptional Biomarkers / qPCR Evolution
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BDQ / Protocols / MethodsTranslation / ASIA portal / GQ Page Directory / qPCR Platform
eConferences & Webinars

Free access to 420 recorded talks Gene Quantification Events 2010-2019 ... UPDATE / Talks / Webinars / Podcasts 
Quantification Strategy
Quantification strategies in RT-qPCR:  absolute Quantification & relative Quantification

RT-qPCR normalisation strategies & microRNA / Genorm / BestKeeper / RefGenes ... UPDATE
qPCR & Optimisation
real-time PCR / interesting reviews / MIQE & Apps & iBook ... NEW / Primer-Recources & Algorithms
Bioinformatics & Statistics
Big Data in Biology ... NEW / qPCR data analysis / Regulatory Networks data clustering / Integrated Analysis
Software Downloads

REST (main page) / REST-2009 / RDML / RefGenes / GenEx 7.0 ... NEW VERSION ... FREE DOWNLOAD
RNAi -- RNA interference

siRNA / saRNA / microRNA & microRNA normalisation / mirtron  ... NEW / qPCR statistics
qPCR dPCR NGS Events
#GQ2019 Events & Workshops / qPCR dPCR NGS 2019 / eConferences ... UPDATE / previous qPCR Events
digital PCR  & qPCR Array
digital PCR ... UPDATE / MIQE & dPCR / qPCR array / normalisation and analysis software
Cyclers  & Robotics
real-time PCR hardware:  overview of qPCR cyclers  / qPCR robotics / page statistics
reverse transcription / mRNA transcript analysis ... UPDATE / RNA QC & RNA ... UPDATE / DNA integrity

Dyes  & HRM dyes

detection dyes, probes, and chemistries in real-time PCR / HRM dyes / Chips & Lab-on-Chip
Liquid Biopsy & Biomarkers
Exosomes / EV & Exosomal RNA ... UPDATE / CNA / microRNA / Transcriptional Biomarkers
Molecular Physiology
CNA / HRM / CNV / microRNA / siRNA / saRNA / RNAi / digital PCR ... UPDATE / single-cell qPCR
qPCR Efficiency
determination of real-time qPCR efficiency by various methods ... new efficiency papers !
qPCR & dPCR applications

Exosomes / CNA (circulating nucleic acids) / digital PCR ... UPDATE / single-cell handling / single-cell qPCR
GQ info portal

microRNA ... UPDATE / CNV / microRNA transfer / HRM / RNA interference / siRNA / saRNA / Liquid Biopsy

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qPCR platform participating companies:
qPCR platform participating companies in alphabetical order

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Bio-Rad.gene-quantification.info Bio-Rad Laboratories - A complete solution.  A focused approach.

BioMolecular Systems - Meet Mic. Fast. Accurate. Compact.

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Eurogentec - Your one-stop-shop Real-Time PCR supplier
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GNA Biosolutions - Simplified molecular testing in minutes
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Bioline – The PCR Company
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Promega.gene-quantification.info Promega - Be successful in your qPCR experiments with our robust amplification master mixes

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Analytik Jena offers a wide produt variety of thermal cyclers as well as real-time thermal cyclers.

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BJS Biotechnologies - xxpress® the world’s fastest qPCR system
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Stilla Technologies - Naica System Workflow - a fast and simple workflow

LifeTechnologies.gene-quantification.info Life Technologies - Advanced gene expression services

TIB-Molbiol - Our business is DNA.

Biosearch Technologies - Advancing Nucleic Acid Technologies
Quanta BioSciences

QuantaBio is dedicated to perfecting qPCR reagents that deliver superior performance you can rely on.
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nexttec Biotechnologie GmbH - the fastest way to get PURIFIED DNA - tested millions of time

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BioSistemika.gene-quantification.info BioSistemika - Software development partners for life sciences - Helping deliver your ideas!

PrimerDesign.gene-quantification.info PrimerDesign - Driving technology, Empowering researchers
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LTF.gene-quantification.info LTF Labortechnik - Results at a glance !

Your want to join the qPCR or eConferences platform!  Contact us via  qPCRplatform@gene-quantification.info

Cooperating Institutions & Laboratories:

TATAA Biocenter is a research provider that offers training and commissioned services within molecular diagnostics and gene expression analysis using real-time PCR and other molecular techniques to quantify nucleic acids. Our competence is based on knowledge and experience accumulated through years of research at leading European Universities. Our offer comprises the entire field of real-time PCR services, including commissioned research, hands-on training, and custom design of real-time PCR assays.
Further activities:  
1)  Open and tailor-made hands-on training courses;    2)  Commissioned research and development;   3)  Custom design of qPCR assays and assay validation;   4)  Product development          Express your genius with qPCR
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qPCRforum.com -- Discuss GenEx and qPCR
Welcome to qPCRforum - Forum for discussion about GenEx and qPCR (quantitative real-time PCR)

GenEx software -
GenEx offers advanced methods to analyze real-time qPCR data with simple clicks of the mouse. The methods are suitable to select and validate reference genes, classify samples, group genes, monitor time dependent processes and much more.

Stephen Bustin Stephen Bustin is Professor of Molecular Medicine at Anglia Ruskin University www.anglia.ac.uk  at the Postgraduate Medical Institute.

Department of Gene Expression
Mikael Kubista´s
lab is at the Institute of Molecular Genetics AS CR (http://www.img.cas.cz) and his group is developing real-time PCR assays for different applications such as routine clinical diagnostic and methods for high through put measurements.    TATAA Biocenter Prague

GeneCore is the in-house genomics service center at EMBL for DNA sequencing, next-generation-sequecing, S.A.G.E., microarrays and real-time qPCR. Services are provided on non-commercial basis for the EMBL community and academic institutions in the context of scientific collaborations within the EMBL member states. Tight links to industry provide state-of-the-art equipment. The experiments and their results feed directly back into improvements of instruments and technologies, spawning the next generation of scientific questions and technologies.

Biogazelle  is the quantitative PCR data-analysis company, founded in 2007 as a Ghent University spin-off by Prof. Jo Vandesompele and Dr. Jan Hellemans. Its founders have more than 15 years of experience in real-time PCR experiment design, assay development and data-analysis. They wrote one of the most influential papers on normalization of gene expression and on data-analysis (together cited more than 10,000 times). Biogazelle's flagship product qbase+ is the most powerful, flexible, and user-friendly real-time PCR data-analysis software based on the proven geNorm and qBase technology, enhanced with proprietary algorithms and time-saving features. qBASE+ is truly accelerating your research.

geNorm VBA applet for Microsoft Excel determines the most stable reference genes from a set of tested genes and calculates a gene expression normalization factor based on the geometric mean of a user-defined number of reference genes.
qBase is a collection of macros for Microsoft Excel
for the management and automated analysis of real-time quantitative PCR data. The program employs a delta-Ct relative quantification model with PCR efficiency correction and multiple reference gene normalization.

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From our UK headquarters near Sudbury, in Suffolk, we run, update and provide an outstanding web-based information solution for those working within the Life Science and Drug Discovery community. Since its humble beginnings running just one website based on Combinatorial Chemistry, Technology Networks has expanded its portfolio to include over 30 communities:
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