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Eurogentec supplies worldwide scientists involved in the life science research and diagnostic market with high-quality products and reliable services for both proteomic and genomic applications. Since 1985, Eurogentec has synthesized high quality oligonucleotides and has produced efficient PCR and qPCR kits & reagents. Eurogentec also offers a wide range of catalogue peptides and antibodies and provides custom peptide and antibody related services.

Eurogentec qPCR handbook
The qPCR Guide

RT qPCR and qPCR Core kits and MasterMixes for probes and SYBR green I Assays for any Real-Time thermocyclers.

Takyon™ qPCR Kits
The Takyon qPCR line is designed to give you access to a new level of speed in qPCR applications Emerging from the combination of an optimized reaction buffer and a new efficient enzyme, Takyon™ kits for Probe and SYBR® Assays ensure consistent amplification results over a large range of initial target concentrations even in small reaction volumes!
Available as ready to use 2x and 5x MasterMixes or as flexible Core Kits, Takyon™ qPCR kits will fulfill all your expectations.
Takyon™ kits are available with or without additives:
  • Proprietary BLUE inert Dye to enhance the visualisation and reveal to the naked eye, dispensing errors that may occur during assay set-up.
  • The ROX passive reference to allow well-to-well normalization of the recorded fluorescent signal.
  • The Uracyl N-Glycosylase (UNG/dUTP blend) to prevent DNA carryover contamination and cleave contaminating amplicons before amplification
Takyon™ qRT-PCR kits for probe Assays
The Takyon™ One-Step 5X MasterMixes combine our last generation Takyon™ fusion DNA polymerase, with the new EuroscriptII RT to deliver highly robust and sensitive results on classical or difficult templates (mRNAs, small RNAs and viral RNAs).
The highly concentrated 5X format allows more flexibility in template volume use especially in the context of small volume reaction.
A new additive, provided with every kit, significantly improves the amplification performance on difficult virus types as well as on FFPE samples.

Primers / Probes
Primers / Probes


Double-Dye oligonucleotides

LNA Double-Dye oligonucleotides

Molecular Beacons

2’ O-Methyl RNA Molecular Beacons

2’ LC hybridization probes

qPCR miscellaneous

qPCR miscellaneous

qPCR Control kits

Carry-over prevention

Takyon™ One-step Kit converter

Universal RT kit for qPCR

Fluorescein additive

Rox passive reference



96-well plates for qPCR

384-well plates for qPCR

qPCR 8-tube strip

Optical seals

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