NanoString® Technologies is a privately held provider of life science tools for translational research and developer of molecular diagnostics. The company’s technology enables a wide variety of basic research and translational medicine applications, and is under development as a distributed in vitro diagnostics platform for medically important gene signatures.

nCounter® Analysis System

The nCounter Analysis System delivers highly-multiplexed, direct profiling of individual molecules in a single reaction without amplification. Applications include Gene Expression, Single-Cell, miRNA and CNV.

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Gene Expression Assays

nCounter® Gene Expression CodeSets

  • Analyze the expression levels of up to 800 genes in a single tube
  • High sensitivity, reproducibility, and wide dynamic range
  • Directly assay tissue, blood lysates, and FFPE extracts in a simple workflow

Single Cell Expression Assay

nCounter® Single Cell Expression Assay

  • More Genes: Analyze multiple pathways for up to 800 genes Watch Webinar
  • High Sensitivity: Eliminate sample splitting, minimize amplification - get better data from every cell
  • Digital Counting: Determine fractional fold changes - eliminate the variability of analog data
  • High Throughput: Analyze hundreds of samples per day

Plex-Squared Assay

nCounter® Plex2for Gene Expression CodeSets

  • Customizable to study size: Measure 20 - 400 targets in a single tube
  • Superior precision compared to qPCR: no replicate data points required
  • Directly assay tissue, whole-blood lysates, total RNA, cell lysates, and FFPE samples

miRNA Assays

nCounter® miRNA Expression Assays

  • Multiplexed target profiling of miRNA transcriptomes in a single reaction
  • High level of sensitivity, specificity, precision, and linearity
  • Cancer research, neurobiology, developmental biology, and stem-cell research

miRGE Assay

nCounter® miRGE™ CodeSets

  • Simultaneously profile miRNA and mRNA expression in a single reaction
  • Fewer pipetting steps and less preparation time means fewer errors
  • Profile FFPE samples as well as other difficult sample types

CNV CodeSets

nCounter® CNV CodeSets

  • Better, faster results with less effort than PCR or arrays
  • Lowest hands-on time of any platform
  • Profile up to 800 regions of the human genome in a single reaction

lncRNA Assay

nCounter® lncRNA Assay

  • High precision, digital quantification of lncRNAs in a single reaction
  • Analyze up to 800 lncRNAs in a single reaction with no amplification
  • Compatible with FFPE crude cell lysates and other challenging sample types

ChIP-String Assay

nCounter® ChIP-String Assay

  • Accurate differentiation and quantification of enriched DNA
  • Excellent correlation with ChIP-Seq results
  • Analyze up to 800 loci with 15 minutes of hands-on time

Leukemia Fusion Gene Panel

nCounter® Leukemia Fusion Gene

  • Profile a comprehensive set of fusion genes in different leukemia subtypes
  • Includes probes for 11 wild type and 12 leukemia-related biomarkers
  • 15 minutes of hands-on time per run

nSolver Software

nSolver™ Analysis Software

  • Quickly import and export data to and from all nCounter assays
  • Easily design, save, and edit user-defined experiments
  • Perform customized normalization and fold change measurements

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