Access to Weihenstephan University Campus

Itinerary Munich bus connection planner to the final destination in Freising at bus stop Weihenstephan
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access by plane

Munich airport MUC

Take the bus in Munich Airport Central Area number 635  (MVV bus line 635)
Munich Airport  (MUC) to Freising (S-Bahn station)
From Airport please change at the Freising Railway Station to bus number 638 to Weihenstephan

Bus stops to and from the airport =>  LINK         Map of Munich Airport =>  LINK

access by bus

Actual bus time tables (2012):
bus connection planner

access by car
If you come from the north (follow the direction Nürnberg) or from the south (follow the direction Salzburg, Innsbruck) drive on the motorway A9 until you reach the motorway intersection "Autobahnkreuz Neufahrn", then change to the motorway A92, direction Airport/Deggendorf.

You also can take the direct way on motorway A92 if you come from the west (follow the direction Stuttgart) or from the east (follow the direction Deggendorf).

Leave the motorway at the exit "Freising-Mitte" and follow the direction to Freising. At the first crossroad you reach, turn left (direction "Freising Stadtmitte"), then follow the signs to Freising. After you have passed the railway station Freising keep left, following the signs to "Weihenstephan"

access by train

Change over in Munich main station

either you have the possibility to go by suburban railway S1 (underground) which arrives every 20 minutes between 5.28 and 9.48 o´clock (Length of trip: 38 minutes), or you can go by local train to the direction Landshut, which drives directly to Freising from Munich main station, however not as often (Length of trip: 23 minutes).

From Freising railway station you can go by taxi to Weihenstephan
(approximate price: about 10-12 € )

At the Freising Railway Station take bus number 638 to Weihenstephan & Hohenbachern

access by taxi

From Freising Railway Station you can go by taxi to Weihenstephan
(approximate price: about 10-12 € )

From Munich Airport "Franz Joseph Strauss" you can go by taxi to Weihenstephan
(approximate price: about 25-30 € )

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