qPCR 2011 -  participant comments

Dear organisers,

It was a pleasure attending and participating in the qPCR2011 Event. I especially liked the accent on new developments and the presence of speakers with broad experience in the field. Together with the possibilities to directly contact the industry made the visit absolutely worthwhile.

I don’t know if separate sessions and discussion sessions really add to the quality of the event. Better keep the quality of the speakers as high as possible and focused on the scope of new technological advancements.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to present my work and looking forward to a next qPCR event,

With kind regards,

Ronald van Eijk
Laboratory Researcher
Department of Pathology
Leiden University Medical Center
P.O.box 9600, L1-Q/P3-34
Albinusdreef 2
2300 RC Leiden
The Netherlands

Dear Organizers,

as always - it was a great pleasure to be in Weihenstephan!

Best wishes
Guido Krupp

Dear qPCR 2011 Team,

Thank you very much for your wonderful organization. Everything was great. I really enjoyed the meeting, the workshops, and my stay in Freising.
When I came back to my university, I mentioned a lot about your organization to my colleagues. Although everyone thinks the payment is very much for a student, as for me it was worth.
Freising is a very beautiful and peaceful city so do the campus. As a student I really get jealous the students of TUM. I would like to do my PhD at such a university.
It was a full scientific and social enthusiasm week for me, thank you for organizing this type of successful occasions for us.

I look forward the coming qPCR Events (may be qPCR 2012).

Best Regards

Fatih University
Istanbul / TURKEY

Dear Michael and Sylvia,

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your fantastic meeting.  You are wonderful and gracious hosts and I appreciate all the work you and your team did to provide the meeting as well as the extra curricular events. 

The Pros of the meeting for me were: 1.  Learning about the new developments in the emerging areas of single cell analysis and digital qPCR.  2. I enjoyed the next gen sequencing presentations, especially the non-commercial presentations.  3.  The meeting layout and program promoted networking and sharing ideas with others. 4.  The support staff was outstanding and did a great job at both the meeting and non-meeting events.

The only Con I have is the high level of commercial presentations that were part of the program.  Some vendors did try to give a more scientific style of presentation. But there were a few that gave more of a sales pitch than science.  Perhaps it could be encouraged that if a vendor wants to present at the meeting that they ask a non-company scientist who has been using their product to speak.

Kevin L. Knudtson
University of Iowa
DNA Facility
323 EMRB
Iowa City, IA  52242  USA

Hi Michael, Martina and Sylvia,

Attached please find a pdf version of the poster. I would like to thank you again for your wonderful hosting and seamless organization of the conference.

Kind regards,

Alex Chagovetz

Dear Prof. Pfaffl,
Many thanks to you and your team for this excellent symposium.
best regards

Regina Konrad

Dr. Regina Konrad
Bayerisches Landesamt für Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit (LGL)
Veterinärstr. 2
D-85764 Oberschleißheim

Dear qPCR 2011 organisers,

The conference was excellent and very enjoyable.

The content of the seminars was excellent- but in some cases the chairs did not exercise quite enough discipline regarding time (this is important with parallel sessions).
The advertised poster sessions, apart from the Monday night (which was excellent, well attended and plenty of discussion!) were not well attended.

The catering at this conference was the best I have ever experienced (and I am a veteran of many conferences).

It would be helpful to have a few more accommodation options linked to the conference site (or linked more prominently, if they were already there).

Best regards, and thanks again for a great conference.

Prof. Ross Barnard
Biotechnology Program
The University of Queensland

I enjoyed the conference.  Thank you.


Richard Fekete, Ph.D.
Sr. Manager, Scientists
Molecular Biology Reagents
T  512 721 3658 • F 512 651 0201
2130 Woodward St. • Austin • Texas • 78744 • U.S.A.

To the organization team,

Thank you very much for an excellent qPCR Event! I very much enjoyed both the symposium and the industrial exhibition, but unfortunately, I did not have the chance to partake in the application workshops at this occasion. All in all we had a great stay in Freising and at the Technical University of Munich. Looking forward to reviewing some of the excellent presentations, and of course, the symposium photo gallery from the event.

Wish you all a great Easter from all of us in ArcticZymes!

Best regards,

Elisabeth Andreassen

Elisabeth Lill Andreassen, M.Sc
Application Researcher
ArcticZymes AS
Sykehusveien 23
PO Boks 6463
9294 Tromsø

Dear Michael Pfaffl,

Thank you very much for well organised conference, I've learnt a lot of new things. Probably more basic researches were expected, nevertheless, I'm very satisfied that have attended it! 

With best regards,

Yulia Zabiyaka

Zabiyaka Yulia
Mechnikov Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera, RAMS, Moscow

Dear Sylvia,

I also wanted to thank everyone involved in organizing this meeting for a job exceptionally well done. I thoroughly enjoyed the meetings, especially the ample social activities and learned a lot from presentations and technologies presented by the various companies / exhibitors.

Viele Gruesse

Dr. Karl H. Hasenstein
Department of Biology
University of Louisiana
Lafayette, LA 70504-2451

Dear Dr. Michael Pfaffl,

Thank you for the whole qPCR 2011 event that  was really satisfactory both scientifically and socially. We wish to contribute more for your events in future.

Best regards,

Dr. Irem Uzonur (Assist. Prof.)

Fatih University,
Biology Department,
Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Michael

Thank you for the nice meeting. We enjoyed it very much!

Best regards

Barbara D'haene,
Biogazelle, Gent, Belgium

Hallo Michael,

nochmals vielen Dank für die Einladung zu dem Kongress. Ich fand ihn sehr gelungen und habe nur einen minimalen Verbesserungsvorschlag:
Eventuell könnte mehr Gewicht auf 10 Min-Vorträge von Doktoranden und Postdocs gelegt werden, so wie am letzten Tag.

Viele Grüße,

Andreas Untergasser

Dear organizers of the qPCR event 2011,

I would like to thank you for the successful organization of very rich, interactive and interesting congress on qPCR and NGS.
I enjoyed it a lot!

I am looking forward to see some presentations again, hence I would like to ask you when you attended to put them on the website?

The Easter days are over J

Kind regards,


Urska Cepin
National Institute of Biology - Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology
Vecna pot 111, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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