qPCR & NGS 2013 Event
Next Generation Thinking in Molecular Diagnostics

6th international qPCR & NGS Event
Symposium  &  Industrial Exhibition  &  Application Workshops

18th - 22 March 2013,   in Freising-Weihenstephan,

Technical University of Munich,  Physiology-Weihenstephan,  Germany

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Symposium Agenda is available - 74 talks and 105 posters accepted !
HTML version of the agenda         PDF version of the Agenda       Summary of the Poster Presentations

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Freising, 25th March 2013

Dear colleagues,
dear researchers,

dear company representatives,

On behalf of the Organisation Committee and the Scientific Board it is a great pleasure to invite you to the 6th International qPCR & NGS 2013 Event. The event is divided in a 3-day scientific Symposium with an Industrial Exhibition and various 2-day Application Workshops to be held at the Center of Life Science in Freising Weihenstephan, Technische Universität München (Germany). The great international interest in the previous meetings [ qPCR 2004 qPCR 2005 qPCR 2005 in Leipzig qPCR 2007 qPCR 2009 qPCR 2010 in Vienna and qPCR 2011 ] led us to the decision to repeat the Symposium in spring 2013. We expect 400-500 participants coming from all over the world, in 2011 we could welcome participants from 56 contries, and roughly 40 international companies in the qPCR Industrial Exhibition.

We have set the date for the qPCR & NGS 2013 Event to 18th - 22nd March 2013. The event location is the central lecture hall complex and the foyer at TUM (Technical University of Munich) in Freising Weihenstephan, Germany (Google Maps link or Google Earth link). The TUM and the Biotech region around Munich is part of the largest Biotech cluster in Europe, located close to the Munich airport in the heart of Bavaria.

The focus of the qPCR & NGS 2013 Event will be on:

Next Generation Thinking in Molecular Diagnostics

Leading academic researchers and industrial contributors in the field will participate in the symposium, which will be an arena for fruitful discussions between researchers of different backgrounds. The Symposium Talks, Poster Sessions, Industrial Exhibition and associated qPCR & NGS Application Workshops offer an overview of the present knowledge and future developments in qPCR, next generation sequencing and gene expression measurement technology and its wide applications in research.

The symposium will focus on 74 lectures and 106 posters which will be presented by internationally recognised experts in their field. The emphasis will be on unbiased, didactic information exchange. Internationally renown speakers will be participating in a lively and exciting programme enabling the valuable exchange of information in the qPCR and Next Generation Sequencing field. One third of the talks will be presented by selected invited speakers, one third will be selected from the submitted abstracts and one third will be presented by qPCR & NGS related company R&D representatives. All scientific contributions will be published in the qPCR 2013 Symposium Proceedings (ISBN 9783000410246).

Full papers
from selected invited academic and industrial speakers and application notes from industrial speakers will be published in a METHODS special issue “Transcriptional Biomarkers”  edited by Michael W. Pfaffl (published January 2013). At the meeting all participants will receive a print copy of this special Methods issue  "Transcriptional Biomarkers"  METHODS 2013 59(1) pages 1-192

As usual the qPCR Event is structured in three parts:

taking place March 18-20
taking place March 18-20 Fully booked!
taking place March 21-22

qPCR & NGS 2013
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Please register using the Internet based ConfTool registration and submission platform => http://registration.qPCR-NGS-2013.net

Symposium Talk and Poster sessions:
  • Main Topic:   Molecular diagnostics
  • Main Topic:   Next Generation Sequencing  (NGS)
  • Main Topic:   Transcriptional Biomarkers
    A session about the discovery, identification and validation of transcriptional biomarkers. In connection to this session a METHODS special issue "Transcriptional Biomarkers" (edited by Michael W. Pfaffl) is published in January 2013. At the meeting all participants will receive a print copy of this special Methods issue. Please have a look to our previous issue => “The ongoing evolution of qPCR”  in METHODS special qPCR Vol 50 issue 4  (April 2010)

  • High throughput analysis in qPCR
  • Systems biology
  • Single-cells diagnostics
  • MIQE & QM strategies in qPCR
  • non-coding RNAs - microRNA, siRNA, long non-coding RNAs
  • Digital PCR  &  Nano-fluidics

  • Lunch Time Seminars
    • qBASEplus - Data Analysis Seminar
    • GenEx - Data Analysis Seminar
    • Life Technologies - digital PCR Seminar
    • Genomatix - NGS data analysis Seminar
  • Best Academic Poster Award

    We are glad to announce that the best poster at the qPCR & NGS Poster Session will receive the Best Academic Poster Award: PlatR - Smart Pipetting Assistant!
    PlatR Supports 96-well and 384-well microtiter plates, is suitable for PCR, qPCR and ELISA and operates on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 which is included in the award!
    The owner of the best academic poster will receive a free PlatR. More info at www.platr-pipetting.com

    The second place award is the free participation at the qPCR Experience workshop: Real-time PCR in Gene Expression Studies
    23rd - 25th October 2013, Munich, Germany
    3-day hands-on workshop with extensive data analysis and troubleshooting sessions will be held from 23rd to 25th October 2013 in Munich, Germany
    Workshop is organised by BioSistemika Ltd. in collaboration with Technical University of Munich and BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH

    We are looking forward to seeing your posters and participating in the interesting debates about your work and research.
    If you have any questions considering PlatR and/or the qPCR Experience workshop, feel free to contact: support@biosistemika.com

    Fingers crossed for the future winner!

The scientific organization is managed by international well-known scientists:

Scientific board:

Stephen Bustin
Prof. of Allied Health and Medicine, Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education, Anglia Ruskin University, UK
Mikael Kubista
Prof. of Biotechnology, BTU, Czech Academy of Sciences & TATAA Biocenter, Sweden
Jo Vandesompele Prof. at the Center of Medical Genetics, University of Ghent, Belgium
Michael W. Pfaffl
Prof. of Molecular Physiology, Weihenstephan, Germany
Scientific coordinator of the Symposium and the Application Workshops

Event organization:
Sylvia Pfaffl,   bioMCC,   85354 Freising    Eventmanagement@bioMCC.com

We are looking forward to meeting you in March 2013 at the Symposium in Freising-Weihenstephan
Michael W. Pfaffl
Symposium Chair

At the qPCR & NGS 2013 event we will welcome international speakers, poster presenters, industry representatives,
and symposium participants from all over the world - from 41 contries!

Europe USA Austria Belgium UK Iran China Canada Czech Republic
Libanon Denmark Estonia Egypt Sweden Japan Switzerland Germany Finland
Saudi Arabia India Italy Brazil Kosovo Norway Slovenia Netherlands Turkey
Lithuania Portugal Israel


Korea Thailand Spain France

Important dates:
Abstract submission deadline:
Submission Deadline is elongated until 8th February 2013

Please register using the Internet based ConfTool registration and submission platform => https://www.conftool.com/qPCR-NGS-2013/

  1. Register as ConfTool User  =>  NEW USER  =>  Create new account
  2. Register as symposium PARTICIPANT  =>  for the symposium and/or workshops
  3. Submit Contribution  =>  submit your TALK and/or POSTER  abstract(s)
  4. Please indicate in which Session you want to present either a POSTER or give an TALK Presentation via MS PowerPoint

The official conference and workshop language is ENGLISH.  No simultaneous translation will be provided.
All oral presentations, posters and abstracts must be presented in English
All scientific contributions will be published in the qPCR & NGS 2013 Symposium Proceedings  -  ISBN to be announced The symposium proceedings will including all Abstracts, Posters and Oral Presentations. Proceedings will be published as FULL PDF PRESENTATIONS on the symposium web page, as in the previous years. As wanted by the authors the PDF download of the contributions is password protected and only accessible for Symposium or Application Workshop participants.

Poster Layout:
  • Until autumn 2013 the PDF download of the contributions is password protected and only accessible for Symposium and Workshop participants.
  • The abstract should be a one-page document based on unpublished material and written in good standard English. The text should clearly state objectives, methodology, results, and conclusion. Simple tables and graphs are allowed.
  • Poster will be DIN A0   (portrait format  =>  120 cm/48 inch high x 90 cm/35 inch wide)
  • Presentation of every communication at the Conference is subjected to formal registration of at least one co-author.
  • All scientific contributions will be published in the qPCR & NGS 2013 Symposium Proceedings  -  ISBN 9783000410246

Symposium Talks:
(each talk 30 min)
Monday             18th of March        10:00 a.m.  to  6:00 p.m.
Tuesday           19th of March         9:00 a.m.  to   6:00 p.m.
Wednesday     20th of March        
9:00 a.m.  to   6:00 p.m.

Industrial Exhibition

An industrial exhibition will be held during the Symposium from 18 - 20th March 2013 in the foyer of the central lecture hall complex (green frame) and in two side rooms S1 and S2 (blue frame). According to the booth location we have around 30-40 booth in different prize categories. They are all grouped around the central lecture halls H14 and H15 and fits up to 650 people.

The industrial exhibition is fully booked!

To book a booth and for further details about the industrial exhibition, e.g. exhibition contract, technical management, stand allocation, electronic installations, internet connection (W-LAN), etc. we are pleased to answer your questions. For details about the sponsoring please contact our organisation team, headed by Sylvia Pfaffl (bioMCC, Germany)  Eventmanagement@bioMCC.com   or    Michael W. Pfaffl  qPCR-NGS-2013@wzw.tum.de

Contact Addresses:

Scientific organisation:


Michael W. Pfaffl
Physiology Weihenstephan
Technical University Munich
Weihenstephaner Berg 3
85354 Freising
Phone: +49-8161-713511

Event organization:

E-mail:  Eventmanagement@bioMCC.com 

Sylvia Pfaffl
Bioscience - Marketing Communication Consulting
Am Waldrand 18
85354 Freising
Phone: +49-8161-713511

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