qPCR 2013 Talk and Poster Sessions

Best Academic Poster Award

We are glad to announce that the best poster at the qPCR & NGS Poster Session will receive the Best Academic Poster Award: PlatR - Smart Pipetting Assistant!
PlatR Supports 96-well and 384-well microtiter plates, is suitable for PCR, qPCR and ELISA and operates on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 which is included in the award!
The owner of the best academic poster will receive a free PlatR. More info at www.platr-pipetting.com

The second place award is the free participation at the qPCR Experience workshop: Real-time PCR in Gene Expression Studies
23rd - 25th October 2013, Munich, Germany
3-day hands-on workshop with extensive data analysis and troubleshooting sessions will be held from 23rd to 25th October 2013 in Munich, Germany
Workshop is organised by BioSistemika Ltd. in collaboration with Technical University of Munich and BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH

We are looking forward to seeing your posters and participating in the interesting debates about your work and research.
If you have any questions considering PlatR and/or the qPCR Experience workshop, feel free to contact: support@biosistemika.com

Fingers crossed for the future winner!

Main Topic:   Molecular diagnostics

Markers in diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic, markers on DNA, RNA, microRNA level, disease markers, tissue specific markers, cancer markers, stem-cells markers, differentiation markers, methylation markers diagnostic quantification methods, epigenetics, SNP analysis, high resolution melt (HRM) applications, ...

Main Topic:   Next Generation Sequencing  (NGS)
NGS applications in Genomics, Epigenomics, RNA-Seq, microRNA analysis, CHIP analysis;  NGS data handling and analysis, ... ...

Main Topic:   Transcriptional Biomarkers
A session about the discovery, identification and validation of transcriptional biomarkers. In connection to this session a METHODS special issue "Transcriptional Biomarkers" (edited by Michael W. Pfaffl) is published in January 2013. At the meeting all participants will receive a print copy of this special Methods issue  "Transcriptional Biomarkers"  METHODS 2013 59(1) pages 1-192

High throughput analysis in qPCR
High throughput and gene expression profiling platforms, 384 – 1536 well applications and more, qPCR robotics; high throughput SNP application, real-time RT-PCR arrays (mRNA and microRNA), quantitative multiplexing …

Systems biology
With the main focus on agri-veterinarian systems biology as a biology-based inter-disciplinary field that focuses on complex and holistic interactions in biological systems.

Single-cells diagnostics
Single-cell sampling, circulating tumor cells (CTS), pre-amplification techniques, laser micro dissection, sub-cellular PCR, micro-manipulation of cell clusters, cellular micro injection, FACS spotting, single-cell handling, …

MIQE & QM strategies in qPCR
The MIQE guidelines: minimum information for publication of quantitative real-time PCR experiments. Following these guidelines will encourage better experimental practice, allowing more reliable and unequivocal interpretation of qPCR results. QM strategies in real-time PCR to guarantee better and more valid results...

non-coding RNAs - microRNA, siRNA and long non-coding RNAs
RNAi mechanism, extraction of non-coding RNAs, RT-qPCR technologies to detect microRNA and long-non coding RNAs, siRNA applications in combination with qRT-PCR, microRNA targets and microRNA precursors, new siRNA manipulation and microRNA technologies, .....

Digital PCR  &  Nano-fluidics
Digital PCR (dPCR) can be used to directly quantify and clonally amplify nucleic acids including DNA, cDNA, mRNA or microRNA. It allows a more reliable collection and sensitive measurement of nucleic acid amounts, applications in copy number variants, point mutations, and molecular diagnostics; …

Pre-analytical Steps
Pre-amplification, sampling technologies, DNA / RNA purification, extraction efficiency, DNA / mRNA / microRNA quality control, Reverse Transcription, RT quality control, external references, results from the SPIDIA study,  ...

BioStatistics & BioInformatics
qPCR & NGS data analysis

qPCR:  Software applications, data mining,  calculation of relative expression, primer and probe design on mRNA and microRNA level, real-time PCR efficiency determination, mathematical modelling, multivariate expression profiling raw data analysis, statistics in real-time PCR, data management, multi-way expression profiling, multiple regression analysis, 3D data visualization.......
NGS:  Information technology in the era of NGS, data management, mapping and alignment algorithms, data de novo assembly,
NGS application on DNA, mRNA and microRNA level, comparison of NGS with conventional high throughput qPCR, and much more ... ...

Lunch Time Seminars:

  • qBASEplus - Data Analysis Seminar
  • GenEx - Data Analysis Seminar
  • Life Technologies - digital PCR Seminar
  • Genomatix - NGS data analysis Seminar

Please direct your enquiry to our scientific organisation team, headed by Michael W. Pfaffl  qPCR-NGS-2013@wzw.tum.de
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