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3rd - 6th March, 2004  in  Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany

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1st International qPCR Symposium  &  Application Workshop
3rd - 6th March, 2004  in  Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany

The Symposium presents unbiased international lectures & posters about quantification strategies, normalisation methods &  new algorithms for exact nucleic acid quantification in the broad range of  qPCR applications:

         Clinical Diagnostics
              Food Hygiene  &  GMO
                     Expression profiling  &  
cDNA Array Verification
                            Microbiology  &  Virology
NutriGenomics  &  PharmacoGenomics
                                       Theoretical qPCR  &  real-time PCR efficiency
                                               Pre-analytical Steps  &  RT & Isolation of Nucleic Acids


Application Workshop is FULLY booked  with 80 participants !!!

More than 32 companies will participate in the Industrial Exhibition along with the Symposium.
(real-time PCR Cyclers,  Kit Producers,  Nucleic Acid Purification Systems,  Enzyme Producers, Plasticware Suppliers, Software Developers,  etc.)


More than 65 internationally reknown speakers and over 135 poster contributions
in 8 specialised poster sessions will participat in a lively and exciting programme enabling
the valuable exchange of information in the qPCR field.

465 participants and around 200 abstracts from every place on earth were send to us
!!!  Flag order is randomised  !!!

Czech Republic
The Netherlands
Saudi Arabia
Serbia & Montenegro

Invitation to the 1st International qPCR Symposium & Application Workshop

Dear researchers and colleagues,

    On behalf of the Organisation Committee and the Scientific Board it is great pleasure to invite you to the 1st International qPCR Symposium & Application Workshop to be held March 3-6, 2004, at the Center of Life Science in Freising Weihenstephan, Technische Universität München (Germany http://www.wzw.tum.de/wzw/english/index.html).
    The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is the most sensitive technique to  detect low abundance mRNA and minute amounts of DNA typically present in tissue samples. Real-time reverse transcription PCR (qPCR or kinetic RT-PCR) is rapidly becoming the method of choice for quantitative gene expression analysis and molecular diagnostics owing to its high sensitivity, excellent reproducibility, and wide dynamic quantification range. However, this ultra high sensitivity makes qPCR sensitive to experimental error, variations in experimental protocols and presence of contaminants in complex biological samples. Successful applications of qPCR require understanding of the practical problems associated with sample handling, including careful experimental design, assay optimisation, appropriate  validation and proper data treatment.
This 1st International qPCR Symposium will focus on all aspects of qPCR technology and its applications in research and diagnostics. Leading academic researchers and industrial contributors in the field will be participate in the symposium, which will be an arena for fruitful discussions between researchers of different backgrounds. The Symposium and associated Application Workshop offers an overview of the present knowledge and future developments in qPCR technology and its wide applications.

    The Application Workshop offers hands-on training by leading experts from TATAA Biocenter (www.tataa.com) in qPCR. Major probe technologies will be demonstrated, leading and emerging instrument platforms will be presented, and advanced primer and probe design programs will be available. Hands-on training will be provided on quantitative gene expression, including design and optimization of both RT and qPCR protocols.

Michael W. Pfaffl                                      Mikael Kubista
(Chairman Symposium)                                            (Chairman Application Workshop)

Cordial Greetings  from  Kary B. Mullis

Dear Dr. Pfaffl,

I am sorry that I will not be able to attend the First International qPCR Symposium and Application Workshop.  Please deliver my cordial greetings to those in attendance and remind all that “symposium” is from the Greek “symposion” meaning to drink together.  One shouldn’t have to walk too far in Bavaria to find a stein worth raising in celebration of "Twenty years of PCR” without which we may have had another twenty years without PCR.  We’d already had three billion years of that, and it was getting tiresome.  So don’t forget to go to the sessions, but do remember why you are there.  Sympose ! 
Sorry I’m not there with you.

Cordially,   Kary B. Mullis


Confirmed  Speakers:

Stephen Bustin
Reader in Molecular Medicine, School of Medicine, London
"Pitfalls in the quantification of RNA using real-time RT-PCR."
Mikael Kubista
TATAA Biocenter, Gothenborg , Sweden
"Real-time PCR is the most sensitive technique for biomolecular detection. Possibilities and Limitations in Research and in Clinical Diagnostics."
(scientific coordination of the Application workshop)
Udo Reischl
Institute of Medical Microbiology & Hygiene, Regensburg, Germany
"LightCycler Applications in Diagnostic Bacteriology."
Heinrich H.D. Meyer
Physiology - Weihenstephan, ZIEL, Freising, Germany,
Center of Food  & Life Science-Weihenstephan
"qPCR and Transcriptomics: Creation of a new tool to understand life."
Michael W. Pfaffl
Physiology - Weihenstephan, ZIEL, Germany
"Determination of real-time PCR efficiency -  An overview of different methods."
(scientific coordination of the Symposium)

Confirmed  Speakers  from  University:

Carl T. Wittwer
University of Utah School of Medicine
"High Resolution Melting Curve Analysis."
Lawrence Wangh
Brandeis University, Boston, MA, USA
"LATE-PCR and Allied Technologies for Amplification and Utilization of Single-stranded DNA."
"PurAmp - a New Quantitative Method for Preparation, Synthesis, and Amplification of Both cDNA and Genomic DNA in a Single Tube."
David Whitcombe
DxS Genotyping
"Scorpions-  Application in Genotyping and Real time PCR."
Hannelore Daniel
Molecular Nutrition Unit, ZIEL, Germany Center of Food  & Life Science
"NUTRIGENOMICS: the road that leads to new insights into nutritional processes."
Anders Stahlberg
Chalmers University, Sweden
"Quantitative gene expression analysis by Real-time PCR - How to optimize the reverse transcription and real-time PCR reactions."
Pamela Pinzani
Mario Pazzagli
Clinical Biochemistry Unit, Dep. of Clinical Physiopathology Florence, Italy
"Laser capture microdissection and real-time PCR in Human Cancer."
Deborah Grove
Pennsylvania State University, USA
"Real time PCR in a Core Facility: Helping others to help themselves."
Jo Vandesompele
Center of Medical Genetics, Ghent University, Belgium
"Accurate normalization of gene expression using multiple internal control genes."
Kristin Brevik Andersson
Institute of Experimental Medical Research, Oslo
"Normalization genes for heart failure."
Jim Huggett 
Center for Infectious Diseases, London, UK
"Validation of housekeeping genes for normalising RNA expression."

Confirmed  Speakers  sponsored  by  the  Industry:

Thomas Fröhlich et al.
Platinum Sponsor
Roche Diagnostics R & D LightCycler Development Group
"Genotyping of SNPs via Fluorescent Melting Curve Analysis

Hilary Srere

Gold Sponsor
R & D Bio-Rad Laboratories
"Relative Gene Expression Studies using Multiplex Quantitative PCR on the
Bio-Rad iCycler iQ Real Time PCR Detection System."

Babette Fahey

Gold Sponsor
MJ Research Inc.
"Real-time Detection and Quantitation of Genetically Modified Soy."

Manohar Furtado

Silver Sponsor
Applied Biosystems R & D -  Applera Deutschland GmbH 
"Expression Profiling of Candidate Genes:
Assays-on-Demand(tm) Gene Expression products based on TaqMan MGB chemistry."

Debra Nickson
Silver Sponsor
Invitrogen Europe
"LUX™ Fluorogenic Detection System and other new approaches in qPCR."

Dirk Löffert

Silver Sponsor
"Novel amplification and detection chemistries for real-time PCR."

Thomas Köhler
Silver Sponsor
Roboscreen, Leipzig
"Standardized gene expression profiling and tumor prognosis."

Tania Nolan

Silver Sponsor
Stratagene Europe
"A Housekeeping-Gene Free Zone for Normalisation."

Tobias Ruckes
Silver Sponsor
Artus GmbH
“Pitfalls in transfer of diagnostic duplex qPCR assays between technological platforms.”
Thomas Kaiser  
Corbett Research R&D, Australia sponsered by Biotage ( Pyrosequencing )
"Different approaches of data analysis in real-time amplification."
Hans Nitschko

Max-von-Pettenkofer Institut, LMU   sponsored by Abgene
"Genotyping and quantification of hepatitis C virus using fluorescent probes."
Martin Lee
BioGene Limited
"Efficient non-linear analysis of kinetic amplification for quantification and automated results calling."
Stephen Sharp
"Highly sensitive analysis of allele-specific gene expression by MALDI-TOF MS."
Khalil Arar
Director of Research & Development PROLIGO SAS
"LNA probes, a new tool to enhance your Real Time QPCR applications."


Important Dates:

The official conference and workshop language is ENGLISH.  
No simultaneous translation will be provided.  
All oral presentation, poster and abstarcts must be presented in

Abstract submission deadline:
Last minute POSTER CALL -  until 31. January 2004 - CLOSED        poster-call.pdf

Abstract submission:                                   qpcr2004@wzw.tum.de
Guidelines for abstract submission            www.wzw.tum.de/gene-quantification/qpcr2004/abstract.pdf
Please indicate if you want to present either a Poster or give an oral Presentation via MS PowerPoint.

Symposium Publications:


The symposium proceedings including all Abstract, Posters and Oral Presentations and will be published on the Symposium & Gene Quantification Homepage. Until August 2004 the PDF download of the contributions is password protected and only accessible for Symposium or Application Workshop participants

Full Papers  /  Reviews  /  Minireviews
Good symposium contributions will be selected writing Reviews and/or Minireviews for Clinical Chemistry.  
These would be peer-reviewed through the regular Clinical Chemistry process.


Editor:   David E. Bruns
Associate Editor:  Carl T. Wittwer

Full Publications presented at the Symposium can be submitted to Biological Ckemistry.
These would be peer-reviewed through the regular Biological Chemistry process.

The Journal is associated with the Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie (GBM)   http://www.gbm.uni-frankfurt.de/

Editor-in-Chief:     F. Ulrich Hartl, Martinsried, Germany

Full Publications presented at the Symposium can be submitted to Advances in Food Sciences.
These would be peer-reviewed through the regular Advances in Food Sciences process.


Editors: H. Parlar  &  G- Leupold

Full Publications presented at the Symposium can be submitted to Fresenius Environmental Bulletin.
The international Journal for rapid communication and updating in the field of Environmental Sciences.
These would be peer-reviewed through the regular Fresenius Environmental Bulletin process.


Editors: H. Parlar  &  W. Fresenius

Symposium organisation & registration:

Please sent registartion forms to   susanna.wirth@tumtech.de

Registration Form (PDF)           www.wzw.tum.de/gene-quantification/qpcr2004/registration.pdf

Registration Form  (DOC)         www.wzw.tum.de/gene-quantification/qpcr2004/registration.doc
Please send your registration form via:
Snail mail            Dr. Susanna Wirth,   TUM-Tech,   Saarstraße  7,   D-80797 München,   Germany
FAX                     Dr. Susanna Wirth,   TUM-Tech,    FAX No.   +49-89-306695-66
and e-mail           the completed Word document
Please sent registartion forms to   susanna.wirth@tumtech.de

Symposium Registration Fees (3 days):                               (incl. MWST = VAT)
early registration fee                                                           (before 15th Nov. 2003)         360 €
late registration fee                                                             (after 15th Nov. 2003):            430 €

Application Workshop Registration Fee (1.5 days):            (incl. MWST = VAT)
Application Workshop is FULLY booked  with 80 participants !!!
registration fee                                                                     (before 15th Nov. 2003)         430 €
late registration fee                                                              (after 15th Nov. 2003):            490 €

Symposium & Application Workshop Registration Fee (4 days):    (incl. MWST = VAT)
Application Workshop is FULLY booked  with 80 participants !!!
registration fee                                                                     (before 15th Nov. 2003)         790 €
late registration fee                                                              (after 15th Nov. 2003):            920 €

Please transfer the registration fee to the bank account:
Payment is possible by Bank Transfer in Euro [ € ] and free of charges to the recipient TUM-Tech
Account                                                     No. 10374304
Kreissparkasse München Starnberg    Code 702 501 50
International Bankcode:                          iBAN: DE75702501500010374304
Swift –Adresse                                        BYLADEMM
BIC-Code                                                 BYLADEM1KMS
Please state your                                    Name   and   Symposium  or 
Workshop or  Symposium & Workshop

32 companies will participate in the Industrial Exhibition.

Industrial Exhibition conditions
For details for the industrial exhibition, e.g. technical management, stand allocation, electronic installations, exhibition opening times, costs, symposium sponsoring  etc. please contact  Dr. Susanna Wirth at TUM-Tech GmbH (susanna.wirth@tumtech.de)

Access to the Symposium: 

Please make your own reservations via      http://www.freising.de/tourismus/hotelliste.htm

Hotels (***)
   Hotel Lerner, Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Hotel Am Klostergarten, Hotel zum Löwen, Isarhotel
Hotels (**** - *****)    Dorint Hotel Freising, München Airport Marriott Hotel

Meals and beverages:

Substantial Welfare - Balancing your mind and body    welfare.pdf    

Map to Dinner  -  1st March

Registration fees including all snacks, meals, and beverages (coffee, tea, non-alcoholic during the
lectures & alcoholic drinks at diner) during the Symposium and the Application Workshop.

Noontime a lunch is served in the student cafeteria. At Wednesday evening a Bavarian Dinner Buffet is served
in the center of the industrial exhibition. This will stimulate the scientific conversation between participants from academic institutions and private companies and will offer opportunities for further
research and collaborations.
On Thursday evening a Bavarian Gala Banquette in served in the traditional beer 
cellar  of the "Oldest brewery of the world“, directly on the campus WEIHENSTEPHAN, founded 1040 (www.brauerei-weihenstephan.de)

or alternatively an Mediterranean Gala Dinner at Pasta & More (Lindenkeller)

If you like vegeterian or pork free meals,
please indicate it at the registration form or at the registration desk.

We thank the dairy WEIHENSTEPHAN (Müller Milch Group www.muellermilch.de )
for sponsoring the qPCR Symposium & Application Workshop.

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