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The trusted ABgene and Finnzymes branded products are now sold under the Thermo Scientific brand. Thermo Scientific is one of the premier brands of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science. Thermo Fisher Scientific aims to enable customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. With an annual revenue rate of more than $10 billion, Thermo Fisher Scientific employs 35,000 people and serves over 350,000 customers within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, universities, research institutions and government agencies, as well as environmental and industrial process control settings.

qPCR assays and reagent kits

Thermo Scientific


Gene Specific qPCR Assays and Reagents

Thermo Scientific Solaris qPCR Gene Expression Assays are pre-designed, gene specific probe and primer pairs, provided in a convenient single tube format (20X mix). Solaris probes utilize minor groove binder (MGBTM) and Superbase technologies to deliver repeatable, sensitive and gene specific quantification. The incorporation of novel probe technologies coupled with a novel software design algorithm delivers an assay design for each targeted gene that is capable of detecting all known splice variants. Thus we can recommend one optimal assay for each gene target. Search for your gene at

Thermo Scientific Solaris qPCR Gene Expression Master Mixes are optimized for use with Solaris assays, and contain all the components required for reliable, sensitive and specific qPCR detection.

The Thermo Scientific Solaris RNA Spike Control Kit offers bench scientists the potential to check that inhibition is not affecting their RT-qPCR results. With just 6 wells of qPCR per sample, verify if either the PCR or reverse transcription step by contaminants or excess levels of RNA.

DyNAmo qPCR Kits  

qPCR Kits for SYBR Green and Probe Chemistry

Thermo Scientific DyNAmo ColorFlash qPCR Kits are a superior choice for fast, quantitative real-time analysis. These kits offer excellent performance in detection and quantification of DNA sequences from various sources. DyNAmo ColorFlash qPCR Kits are designed to ease qPCR setup and minimize errors by providing a simple way to track pipetting of reaction components.

Thermo Scientific DyNAmo Flash SYBR Green qPCR Kit is developed for fast real-time qPCR. It provides qPCR results faster than other SYBR Green kits without compromising the qPCR performance.

Thermo Scientific DyNAmo Flash Probe qPCR Kit is the perfect choice for fast probe-based qPCR. The optimized reagents and extremely short cycling times deliver maximum speed thus increasing sample throughput.

DyNAmo qPCR Kits  

Thermo Scientific ABsolute Blue incorporates an inert dye to significantly enhance the contrast between reagent and plastic, making verification of master mix dispensing quick and easy. This range of high performance master mixes is specially formulated to achieve the most consistent and reproducible qPCR data across all qPCR platforms.

cDNA Synthesis Kits

Thermo Scientific Verso cDNA Synthesis Kit generates high quality cDNA from any type of RNA and is ideal for RT-qPCR reactions in combination with Solaris qPCR Master Mixes. The specific combination of the Verso RT enzyme, dual primer blend, and optimized buffer, produces high yields of cDNA for success in all PCR & qPCR gene expression applications.

Thermo Scientific DyNAmo cDNA Synthesis Kit is intended for cDNA synthesis for 2-step RT-qPCR applications, where amplicons are usually around 100 bp in length, and it can be used in conjunction with DyNAmo qPCR Kits and all other qPCR systems.

DyNAmo qPCR Kits  

qPCR plastics and seals

Thermo Scientific offers a wide variety of high-quality plastics for qPCR applications. ABgene white qPCR plastics and ABsolute qPCR seals are designed to enable sensitive and accurate fluorescence detection. When used together, these products will increase sensitivity and reduce variability in your qPCR assay.


DyNAmo qPCR Kits  

Principles of qPCR booklet

This booklet, written by our scientists, describes the basics of qPCR: chemistries, instruments and assay guidelines, and also introduces the main applications for qPCR technology.

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