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► Since 1990, TIB MOLBIOL has been providing custom oligonucleotides to a growing number of customers worldwide, ranging from life science research, medical diagnostics over product quality assessment to environmental analysis. Being one of the first suppliers of synthetic DNA in Europe, we not only have set industry standards for quality and service, but continue to lead in fulfilling your demanding requirements for high quality products and services. Our development and production are certified after ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical devices).

Oligonucleotides Oligonucleotides are the most important tools in genomic research and molecular diagnostics, and AntiSense oligonucleotides are also used as therapeutics. PCR in particular has revolutionized the molecular biology laboratory and has triggered an explosive number of novel and exciting applications. A central feature of our custom synthesis is our awareness of the individuality of our products, respecting individual needs and requirements - our product is the 'individual oligo'.

Fluorescence ► Fluorescence. TIB MOLBIOL offers a broad spectrum of fluorophore labeled products spanning the visible spectrum from UV to IR, including the classical ABI dyes, Cyanine dyes (GE Healthcare), BODIPY dyes (Molecular Probes), MegaStokes dyes (Dyomics), LightCycler® dyes (Roche Diagnostics), BHQ and BBQ quenchers, and many other dyes.

Real-Time PCR ► Real-Time PCR with TaqMan®, Molecular Beacons, SimpleProbe®, HybProbe® probes or Scorpion primers. TIB MOLBIOL manufactures DNA and LNA probes for the use in Real-Time PCR quantification and genotyping. LNA-based probes strongly increase specificity and sensitivity of Real-Time PCR assays. Synthesis of Molecular Beacon probes under license of PHRI, SimpleProbe® and LightCycler® hybridization probes under license of Roche Diagnostics, Scorpion primers under license of DxS, and IVD use TaqMan® probes under license of Roche Molecular Systems.

Assay Design in Real-Time PCR. ► Assay Design in Real-Time PCR. We at TIB would be more than happy to lend our assistance in the design of suitable primers and probes for either product quantification or nucleotide polymorphism detection with Real-Time PCR. Our design department works on new assays, either based on established protocols or starting from new targets. We are prepared to evaluate systems in our application and research laboratories. For some applications we have established our own system or are aware of other existing or published assays. Customer data, including sequences and projects involved, are treated strictly confidential. Please contact
TIB MOLBIOL has designed more than 20,000 customer-specific assays within the last 14 years.

LightSNiP Assays ► LightSNiP Assays. Since 2007 we provide SimpleProbe® based ready-to-use assays for the SNP analysis of any Genbank-listed polymorphism (ordered by rs-number).

LightMix® kits ► LightMix® kits represent our product line of Real-Time-PCR kits designed to be used with the Roche Diagnostics LightCycler® instruments, including products for the detection of pathogens (eg. atypical pneumonia, InfA H5N1, H1N1, sexual transmitted diseases, fungi), cancer related tests (k-ras, AML-ETO, PML-RAR) and many genotyping tests (MTHFR, HFE, lactose intolerance).

LightMix® Diagnostic Kits ► LightMix® Diagnostic Kits (CE-IVD marked kits).  The k-ras codon 12/13 mutation detection kit is our first CE-labeled product – intended for the analysis of tumor samples for selection of treatment with EGF antibody based therapeutics.

DNA Chips ► DNA Chips. For information about our exciting low-cost chip technology please contact:

TIB MOLBIOL Syntheselabor GmbH
Eresburgstraße 22-23
12103 Berlin

Contact    Olfert Landt
Phone      +49-(0)30-787994-55
Fax            +49-(0)30-787994-99

Collaborations    Bio-Rad Inc.
Centro Biotecnologia Avanzate, Genova
Charité, Berlin   
Chemicell GmbH, Berlin
Chipron GmbH, Berlin
Dyomics GmbH, Jena
DRFZ, Berlin
Epigenomics AG, Berlin
Eppendorf AG, Hamburg
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